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Please use and adapt these messages and graphics to help encourage your friends, colleagues, and family members to support your SleepOut fundraising efforts. Click on the file names to download and customize for your e-mails, donation appeals, social media, and more. A new window will open with the file, and you can then download and save the image. 

Here you will find our Flashcards, which include real-life stories from Waypoint's emergency shelter and youth resource center drop-in. You can download these flashcards to print, include them in your appeals, or use them on social media.

 SleepOut Flashcard Riley | SleepOut Flashcard E.J. | SleepOut Flashcard Deanna | SleepOut Flashcard Chloe and Luke

 SleepOut Flashcard BruceSleepOut Flashcard Mark | SleepOut Flashcard Lizzie  


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Waypoint's 10th Annual Sleepout

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