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More and more, grandparents across New Hampshire are finding themselves unexpectedly parenting a second time around. Whether it’s due to incarceration, substance misuse, illness, or any number of other reasons, a growing number of parents are not able to take care of their children, and grandparents are stepping in. It’s a beautiful act of family love; it avoids the child having to go into the foster care system, and keeps family together.

However, society has not been designed to accommodate this new form of family and these grandparents face many challenges to raising their grandchildren.

That is why our very own MaryLou Beaver, along with The Commission to Study GrandFamilies created The Information & Resource Guide for New Hampshire GrandFamilies. It is full of great information to empower grandparents along their re-parenting journey. From matters of healthcare, education, childcare, and financial assistance, to legal questions about protecting your rights and the child’s well-being, this guide is the first dedicated to New Hampshire grandfamilies. It is making its debut right here.

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