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Who we are

Mission: Empowering people of all ages through an array of human services and advocacy.

We are the agency you’ve known as Child and Family Services of NH. Rest assured, however, that we’re still the same great organization—still New Hampshire-based, still nonprofit, still helping people-- but with a new name.

In 2018, we rebranded to better reflect who we are today, an independent agency that provides a lifeline across the lifespan. We made the decision to rebrand after many years of consideration and research, talking and listening to you, and after careful planning and collaboration.

Our new brand is built upon four pillars: STAFF, COMMUNITY, SOLUTIONS, and IMPACT. Our dedicated staff is known for compassion, professionalism, and ingenuity. We work collaboratively in the community, creating a social safety net for all who live here. We find solutions to problems through our dual roles as practitioners and advocates—a truly holistic approach to our practice. We make a positive, long-lasting impact that improves our communities and every life within them.

So why the name Waypoint? A waypoint is a point in time along a journey at which the course is changed. That’s what we do. We come into your life at your most challenging times, when you really need some help, and we help to change the course--make life better. And, we are there for you from before you’re born through your golden years. (See complete list of programs in the navigation of the Programs section.)

While our name is new, our roots run deep, all the way back to 1850 (see our HISTORY page for the backstory). That makes us the oldest children’s charitable organization in New Hampshire. We were born in New Hampshire, are still run by people in New Hampshire, and are dedicated to the people of New Hampshire, and now eastern Vermont! We are a founding member of the Child Welfare League of America, and we are accredited by the Council on Accreditation, which means that in human services, we adhere to the highest standards of practice.

Through our 14 office sites across the state, and over 28 programs, our staff travels over 1.3 million miles to serve an average of 9,000 people a year. We are powered by a wide array of funding, including state, federal, and local contracts, United Way, special events, insurance /service fees, and foundation grants, and private philanthropy. WE COULDN’T DO THIS WORK WITHOUT YOU.

While we’ve changed our name and our look, here is our promise to you: As you go along the journey of your life, whatever challenges you face, at whatever stage, we’ll be there for you, providing HELP ALONG THE WAY.


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