Integrated Home Based Services

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Region Statewide Eligibility Referrals are accepted from DCYF Child Protective Social Workers, Juvenile Probation and Parole Officers, and/or District Courts. Fee No cost to clients Contact To make a referral

Waypoint's Home Based Therapeutic Services (aka IHB) is a program that works to restore positive functioning in families who are involved with DCYF/DJJS. Our multi-faceted services are designed to tackle an array of family problems and are tailored to each family’s specific needs. Services include:

  • Intensive in-home counseling, parent education, and practical solutions to daily challenges.
  • Mentoring for children and youth
  • 24 hour / 7 day/week crisis response
  • Coordination of services with other agencies/providers


  • Stabilize the family
  • Resolve immediate and long-term child safety concerns
  • Prevent out-of-home placement of the child, or facilitate family reunification
  • Help family gain knowledge and skills to ensure child safety, well-being
  • Identify and achieve family goals
  • Improve parent-child communication
  • Understand child development and enhance nurturing
  • Establish effective functioning
  • Trauma-focused, community-based therapy/child-parent psychotherapy
    (specializing in attachment disorders)

A sampling of situations Waypoint excels at fixing:

8-year-old girl living with grandma. Dad now back in picture and she doesn’t understand why she is moving in with him.

Parents struggling with substance misuse, poverty, emotional and mental health concerns while raising five children under 14.

Siblings living with relatives who need support in order to prevent a placement in the system

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Waypoint's 10th Annual Sleepout

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