The Family Support Warm Line

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The Family Support Warm Line is a partnership between Waypoint and the State of New Hampshire. The service is funded in part by NH Department of Health and Human Services.

Contact 1 (800) 640.6486

Stresses are high. Struggles are huge. Families are worried. And, that's why we launched the Family Support Warm Line!

The Waypoint Family Support Warm Line is a free phone-in service where callers can talk confidentially to a family support professional to get help with everything from coping strategies, child behaviors, family dynamics, household management and emotional distress, to gaining access to tools, resources, and services that can help navigate life during challenging times. Callers may need advice or just a trusted, nonjudgmental ear. Either way, it’s a good way for families to feel less isolated and more supported.  The Waypoint Family Support Warm Line can accommodate just about any language spoken in NH.

Here are some details:

  • The toll-free number is 1-800-640-6486 and there is never a charge for the service.
  • You may phone into our Warm Line, 1-800-640-6486, anytime Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm, to connect with a family support professional.  If you call after hours, leave a message and we will return your call the next business day.
  • Each call may last up to one hour.
  • Family Support professionals will provide guidance and support on issues big or small, and may offer referrals to other Waypoint programs or other providers in the community.
  • NOTE: This is not a HOT-line. Emergency calls should still be made to 911. Urgent calls to Waypoint will be routed accordingly for prompt response.

We’re honored for the opportunity to serve New Hampshire families in their time of need. We look forward to hearing from you.

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