Manchester System of Care

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The Manchester System of Care (MSoC) is designed to help families of young children who have social and emotional developmental concerns to access the help they need to gain stability and success in their communities, schools, and homes.

The MSoC uses the NH Wraparound Model, which is a different way of working with families. Based on solid evidence, the model incorporates a team approach, incorporating the services of various providers from throughout the community.

It all starts with you and your goals. The Wraparound coordinator will help you to identify your goals, and then build the right team to help you reach them. Together, you’ll discover your family’s strengths, identify needs, create a vision for your family’s future, and then set a path to achieve that vision.


  • Medicaid eligible children, 0-8 years old, who live in Manchester, NH
  • Child has documented significant social and emotional developmental concerns
  • Past services have not worked or have not been the right fit for your family
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Waypoint Family Support


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