Policy Highlights

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Budget: During 2019, New Hampshire’s biennial budget is written. This is the most significant policy document, which affects all services provided and contracted by the state. As such, our advocacy team will follow the budget to be sure that our priorities--policies and programs that are in the best interests of child well-being--are properly funded.

Child Protection: Our advocacy team has taken the lead in reform of New Hampshire’s child protection system. We were instrumental in updating the child protection statute to assure protection of vulnerable children, and that helped provide additional staffing to child protection. Perhaps most important is our work to create the Office of the Child Advocate (OCA). The OCA provides independent oversight of all children’s programs. We will continue working with the OCA to address issues that the OCA identifies as requiring legislation.

Education Reform: Education is the great equalizer in terms of opportunity. However, too many children never have the opportunity to learn because they are often suspended from school. Sometimes students are repeatedly suspended for the school year. Our advocacy this year will focus on reforming suspension regulations to help kids remain in school, and keep learning, throughout the year.

Juvenile Justice: As the juvenile crime rate continues to drop, we have prioritized juvenile treatment that enhances the lives of affected children and their families. These children are primarily disabled, living in poverty, and are children of color, and benefit more from humane treatment than incarceration. As part of a restorative justice model, our efforts are focused on the continued transition from juvenile incarceration to community-based care.

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