Staff Leadership

Great human service agencies are only as good as the change they make. And the change they make rests in the hands of the people they employ. 

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Waypoint’s workforce of nearly 300 individuals is a force for good with a mission to empower lives.

Our leadership team is devoted to all the ways in which our agency can achieve this mission, from predicting emerging needs and positioning ourselves for oncoming changes in our social landscape, to maintaining fiscal responsibility, to developing innovative approaches to our practice and our business model, to raising community consciousness of our cause and cultivating community support of our work, to building a stellar workforce make it all happen.

You’ll have opportunities to meet some of our staff on the many program pages on this site, but here, we want you to meet our executive leadership team. Together, they have:

  • 210 years of experience
  • Unparalleled passion for the cause
  • Who knows how many brain cells of strategic thinking
  • Exceptional prowess in their respective fields
  • A peculiar penchant for texting each other with brilliant ideas at 4am
  • And a realization that they’re never too cool to learn something new

Now, top that with a heap of compassion and creativity, you’ve got some lively staff meetings and a true devotion to advancing the mission of Waypoint.

  • Borja Alvarez de Toledo Borja Alvarez de Toledo
    Borja Alvarez de Toledo
  • Colleen Ives Colleen Ives
    Colleen Ives
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Gina Ferrante Gina Ferrante
    Gina Ferrante
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Paul Staller Paul Staller
    Paul Staller
    Director, Development
  • Kat Strange Kat Strange
    Kat Strange
    Director, Communications
  • Jeannie Wall Jeannie Wall
    Jeannie Wall
    Director, Human Resources

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