Waypoint's Response to Youth Homelessness


In New Hampshire, it is estimated that almost 15,000 youth are likely to experience some form of homelessness this year. Most people seem surprised by these numbers–mostly because youth homelessness tends to be an almost invisible problem and a general disbelief that the world can be quite cruel.

Let us shed some light on the matter.

What does youth homelessness look like? You can't always tell. Kids with backpacks, walking down the street–could be any kid. Some are in school. Some have jobs. Some are escaping abusive or neglectful homes or have been rejected from their own families for their sexual identity or orientation. Some struggle with trauma, mental illness, or addiction. Some are hungry, cold, scared, and are taking desperate measures to survive. Some will fall prey to human trafficking. Most are flying under the radar of their own communities.

Waypoint is the only agency in NH that provides comprehensive services for young people who are experiencing homelessness. 

  • The Street Outreach team puts boots on the ground and serves as a lifeline to at-risk youth wherever they may be, offering two essential things: the basic elements to survive and the stuff with which to succeed. 
  • The Runaway & Homeless Youth Program provides crisis intervention and prevention in schools and the community, and can help youth resolve family conflict. 
  • At the Youth Resource Centers in Rochester and Manchester, youth can access basic needs such as food, clothes, showers, and laundry, as well as life-changing services such as mental health counseling, substance misuse treatment, educational advocacy, job skills training, and more. 
  • The Transitional Living Program provides housing and supportive services to youth experiencing/on brink of homelessness as they advance toward self-sufficiency and success.

  • The Rapid Rehousing program provides short-term rental assistance and services to young people experiencing homelessness in order to obtain housing quickly, establish stability, and increase long-term self-sufficiency.
  • Overnight emergency shelter for youth experiencing homelessness in Manchester.

Through our annual SleepOut event, Waypoint endeavors to raise community consciousness and funds to aid homeless youth, and help us take #TheNextStep toward ending homelessness in New Hampshire. 

In order to accomplish this, WE NEED YOU. PLEASE JOIN US, Friday, March 24. 2023.  Sleep out with us. Support us. Spread the word about our event. Whichever you chose, do it now. It will make all the difference.

Waypoint and 95.7 WZID Present

The 25th Annual Christmas is for Kids Telethon!

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