Rapid Rehousing

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Right now, many young adults in our community are struggling through homelessness because they do not have family to go to and they cannot afford safe, stable housing on their own.

When you help to house these young adults, you play an integral role in helping them to take charge of their lives and to become contributing members of the community.

The Rapid Rehousing Program offers landlords a great opportunity to get 

  • guaranteed rent on time.
  • a year-long minimum commitment.
  • and renters who get help with everything from financial assistance for security deposits and utilities, to help with housekeeping and being a good neighbor.

Please help us house our community’s homeless youth. They deserve a chance that YOU have the power to provide.

Our sincere thanks to over 1,600 donors (so far) who contributed critical funds to support NH youth experiencing homelessness.

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