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I am so glad you landed here. I understand that you are pregnant and are thinking about the adoption option. We can help…

Experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and planning an adoptive placement for a child is a difficult and emotional process. You may be feeling alone, anxious and confused, unable to make a clear decision. As a counselor,  I would be honored to help you by providing objective counseling and support, and I'll help you understand the emotional impact of adoption. We also provide assistance in choosing an adoptive family, going through delivery, and with making important decisions about such things as the hospital plan, the legal process and ongoing contact. Our support extends beyond your baby's birth to help you adjust to the decision.

Our services are free and confidential. To start the conversation, please call or email me directly: Julie Daniels, danielsj@waypointnh.org, 603-518-4121.

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