Intensive Family Based Services

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Region Orange and Windsor Counties, Vermont Eligibility CPSW, JPPO or court referred Fee No cost to clients Contact Referral Number
Form(s) Ifbs Referral Sheet

IFBS helps to preserve and stabilize families through home-based services. A family therapist works in partnership with families to remediate risk factors and maximize their chances for success. Referrals to this program must be approved by DCF.


  • Assist families to identify and achieve treatment goals
  • Stabilize families who are in crisis
  • Build on the family’s strengths and facilitate effective family interaction
  • Connect families with relevant community resources that can further independence and success
  • Provide adolescent supervision or parent support and education

Waypoint staff works with the adolescent to assure that he/she is accountable to the court's order and monitors the youth’s behaviors at home, at school and in the community. This can include curfew checks, and callbacks and education support. Waypoint staff builds rapport with youth through positive role modeling, encouragement and mentoring. As well, staff can help families to learn practical parenting skills, effective discipline, care and nurturing, household organization, budgeting, nutrition, health and hygiene.

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