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If you're interested in adoption, let the trusted adoption professionals of Waypoint, NH's longest-standing children's charitable organization, be part of your journey. Adoption has been a core service for us since 1914. We welcome inquiries from both couples and singles because we know loving families are each unique. We can answer your questions and help you through the entire process. An adoption professional will be assigned to you to help you through every step of the way including finding a match with a birthparent that's right for you and your family, to the adoption homestudy, the legal process, ongoing contact and post-placement issues.

Throughout, the child’s best interest is always first and foremost. This can best be achieved by careful matching, support and education with all parties involved. We have found that the safest and most successful adoptions occur when both the legal and emotional needs of the birthparents and adoptive parents have been met.

For more information and a free 45-minute consultation, contact Caroline Glennon, MSW at 603-518-4116

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