Adoption and Birthparent Services

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Agency Adoption Program

Waypoint offers a full range of adoption services. We have all come to learn through experience that the safest and most successful adoptions occur when both the legal and emotional needs of the birthparents and adoptive parents have been met.

Our agency is available to birthparents, should they make the difficult decision to place their baby for adoption

For adoptive parents, we are able to assist in finding a match with a birthparent that is right match for their family. We assist in every aspect of the adoption, from match, to the legal process to ongoing contact and post placement issues. The child’s best interest is always first and foremost. This can best be achieved by careful matching, support and education with all parties involved.

Free Consultation
Free, 45-minute, confidential consultation with our trusted adoption professionals:  Call 603-518-4116 or email

Birthparent Services

Experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and planning an adoptive placement for a child is a difficult and emotional process. Birthparents often feel alone, anxious and confused, unable to make a clear decision. A Waypoint counselor provides objective counseling and support to help birthparents understand the emotional impact of adoption. We also provide assistance in choosing an adoptive family, going through delivery, and with making important decisions about such things as the hospital plan, the legal process and ongoing contact. Our support extends beyond baby's birth to help birthparents adjust to the decision.

Download the Birthparents Guide to Adoption brochure. 

Adoption Homestudy

An adoption homestudy is a document required by the court of any person/s wishing to adopt. In NH, we must follow certain guidelines set forth by Child Placing Standards, as well as by any other agency or state with whom you may be working. A homestudy is not a judgmental process. We at Waypoint believe that it is a way of gathering information about you, AND serves as a forum to help you examine your adoption plan to be sure it meets your goals. An adoption homestudy is comprised of interviews conducted in your home by an agency social worker, as well as a compilation of other information about your family, including medical exams, criminal records clearances, reference letters, financial affidavits, etc. You will be assigned a social worker who will help you through every step of the process.


The adoption search program offers services to adult adoptees and birthparents whose adoption was completed by Waypoint (formerly Child and Family Services). When the adopted person reaches the age of 18 (current NH law) we offer support and assistance with searching and reunifying when requested. These services can be initiated by either the adopted person, the birthparent/s or in some unique cases, a relative. We also provide medical and social information from the adoption files when requested, as allowed by the NH Adoption Statute.

Social Studies

Social Studies are necessary when there is a termination of Parental Rights. It is a requirement of the Court for most terminations. It is usually requested by the adopting parent, and is a brief overview of the reasons the termination is being requested.

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