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Because kids don’t come with a how-two handbook, Waypoint offers a wide array of parent education and support groups to help you through. Our groups are a great way to connect with other parents and share ideas, gain insights, develop tools and skills, address areas of concern, become empowered, and expand your network of friends. For your kids, they will learn and grow, while having fun, and making friends.

Various groups are offered in different areas of the state throughout the year. Each series has a different focus, whether it’s grand-parenting or fostering, or raising teens, or a special group just for dads, or co-parenting in situations of divorce, or raising children who have special needs…OR, just a great opportunity for you and your kiddos to PLAY! New groups are forming all the time; check here for the latest, or LIKE us on any of our social channels linked on this site.     

For general information on any of our group offerings, contact Carolyn George, 603-518-4390, or register for specific groups using the contacts provided below.

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