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CampOut - Virtual Style

On Saturday, August 29, let’s CAMP OUT, each in our own way! 

We invite you to dedicate this night to sleeping either outside in the yard, in the woods, on the porch, or on your floor, and share photos or videos of yourself during your "camping" experience. We want to see you doing things like roasting marshmallows, singing songs by campfire, and hunkering down in a sleeping bag with your dog!

If you camp out, share your page link with friends and family to ask for their support. Tell them you're camping out to raise funds for kids and families in need in the Upper Valley.

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Here's what your support of this event will help us do:

  • Serve as a lifeline and line of defense for kids at risk of abuse or neglect
  • Provide trauma treatment for those who’ve endured adverse childhood experiences
  • Work to preserve families who are in distress and on the brink
  • Optimize chances for children with chronic health conditions
  • Build a foster care support system for kids who need out of home placement
  • Advocate at the legislative level to protect the rights and well-being of children

So, on August 29, let’s CAMP OUT FOR THE CAUSE!

The reverberating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have made service delivery more challenging while stressors on families have greatly increased. In our line of work, we’re not only on the front lines, but for the vulnerable populations we serve, we’re often the last line of defense. We rise to the challenge through innovation and perseverance, and in partnership with people like you. You are part of our social safety net, and your participation will help to ensure that we are always able to be there when we are most needed.

Stresses are high. Struggles are huge.

Families are worried.

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