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Crisis Care Fund

Because you can't quarantine compassion...

Waypoint's Crisis Care Fund is designed to respond to the urgent and vital needs of Granite Staters who are in dire straits as a result of COVID-19. 

The funds enable us to adapt our services to continue as a human lifeline, protecting those at risk, and helps cover the costs of survival aid and basic needs relief. Your donation to this fund will directly impact

• Frail seniors and adults with disabilities who are living alone.
• Youth experiencing homelessness.
• Children in volatile homes.

    Examples of your dollars at work:

    Nursing staff in our Home Care program are mobilized throughout southern New Hampshire providing medical and personal care to homebound seniors and adults with disabilities. For many, we are the only ones they see each week and they rely on our support. Gearing our staff with protective equipment so they can continue to work is essential.

    For homeless youth, even couch-surfing is not an option with the current quarantines. Many have also lost the ability to call anyone for help because they now have no access to technology. Thus, survival gear including cellphones, and data cards, are a high priority. We’re also taking extra precautionary measures to keep our drop-in center open so that at-risk youth can still access basic needs. This includes our food pantry and computer lab so they can apply for unemployment benefits, engage in telehealth, or continue their educational studies.

    Historically, family violence escalates in times of community crisis. Recent reports from NH DHHS indicate a surge in child abuse and neglect in our state. Now, more than ever, we cannot cancel child protection. Our family support staff is developing innovative ways to keep at-risk families engaged and to defuse tense situations through telehealth, teletherapy, tele-education and support, and through our new Warm Line. We’re also providing drop-offs to low-income families of everything from household supplies and clothing to groceries and gas cards.

    #CareNeverRests #ChangeAlwaysHappens #HopeDoesntCancel #CantQuarantineCompassion

    YOU’RE INVITED to get what you need for your family!

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    Everything you need to raise your family in today’s world. Check out any of our FAMILY RESOURCE CENTER’s across NH!